TSD - Industrial Aerospace Design


Aerospace industry in amongst the mainstream engineering is an expanding and dynamic space requiring the companies to maintain flexibility and reduce costs at every level, from conceptual design to final certification. TSD offers engineering expertise and production support utilising engineering experts in design, stress analysis, materials and processes, manufacturing, and quality assurance. TSD shines in aero structure metallic & composites assemblies and offers its customers a wide array of services to help design to engineering requirements and meet project deadlines.

TSD supports aerospace design companies (OEM) and the sub-tier manufacturers that create the ancillary support system and bridge the gap between these two entities ensuring compliance and a smooth evolution in OEM-to-Manufacturer processes, with highest quality product at a lower cost.

Our skills include:

  1. Structural and Systems Design & Analysis
  2. Advanced Surfacing Techniques
  3. Tooling Design
  4. CAD Based Manufacturing
  5. Composites Design/Manufacturing Techniques
  6. Manufacturing Planning