TSD - Electricals and Electronics

Electrical and Electronics

Precision, Efficiency & Reliability

Actualising innovation in product development necessitates the use of effectual electrical & electronics systems and dependable software. Nearly every new product entails electronics systems that use less power and fits within ever compacting footprints, in addition to software that is capable and stable.

TSD provides the integrated electrical and electronics development services that help in creating innovative products that are energy-saving. Our vastly skilled engineers, technicians, and software developers work with you to guarantee the perfect match of effective electronics systems and dependable operational software.

Leading-edge electronics

TSD creates well-functioning electronics systems that are cost-effective to manufacture. Whether the need is for digital or analog circuits, microcontroller or wireless capabilities, or even software or firmware applications, TSD has the experience, knowledge, and skill to help you design these systems rapidly, at realistically reasonable cost.

TSD leverages cutting-edge electronics and software development technologies to augment electronic systems designs including FPGA (field-programmable gate array), DSP (digital signal processing), radio frequency (RF)/wireless, electronic sensors, optical designs and any other as the need may be, as well as software applications for all platforms including Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOS).

In today’s connected world virtually every envisioned/new product we see or are likely to see, involves embedded intelligence and value enhanced with a certain level of human interaction. TSD's commitment to maintaining its expertise, knowledge, tools and standards is both strategic and fundamental. Whatever your challenge, be it developing real-time embedded software, developing a custom software solution, implementing a software quality program or standard, developing a proof-of-principle prototype, or implementing a software life-cycle management program, TSD utilizes the resources, processes and focus needed to bring your project to a tangible conclusion as envisioned.

Device ability to connect, detect, analyse, and respond to instructions, faults & anomalies in a timely manner is central to smart systems, medical devices and mission critical systems. TSD is able to deliver quality software on time by reusing our proprietary software libraries and selected software components. With multiple projects utilising expertise ranging from low level software (Assembly Language) and Firmware to embedded application development under different processor architecture and RTOS environment, be it expanding upon an existing product or custom device building, we apply our thoughtful and specialized knowledge and find the right blend of technologies to get our clients the results they need.