TSD - Technology Driven by Innovation

Tool Design

TSD leverages tool design expertise since one and half decades partnering with global Fortune 500 clients, leading corporates, regional and global technology centres, renowned world class tool design institutions - NTTF, CIPET, GTTC, CITD for implementing blend of proven next generation tool design technologies, high-end CAD/CAM/CAE technologies and design quality systems like FMEA, DFMEA, DFM, PFMEA etc.

We undertake following tool design and manufacturing services:

  1. Castings
    • CNC Pattern Design and Manufacturing for high-pressure molding, Sand castings for Automotive Cylinder Blocks, Cylinder Heads for heavy engines, Passenger cars, V-Engines, Straight Engines, Manifolds, Differential Housing, Gear Boxes, different mission critical casting components.
    • Gravity Die casting Die design/Manufacturing (GDC).
    • Pressure Die casting Die design /Manufacturing(PDC).
    • Low Pressure Die casting die design/manufacturing.(LPDC).
  2. Mold Design for Plastic components/Manufacturing.
  3. Sheet metal die design for Sheet Metal components/Manufacturing.